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Upcoming concerts 2022:

A Sinister Purpose fest on thursday evening (Match-30th).

Event organizer contact for concert requests: Alan at Dragon Productions


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All news:

[20.02.2023] Skepticism headlining A Sinister Purpose fest on thursday evening (Match-30th).

[11.09.2022] On Friday October 14th 2022 Skepticism will return to the Blow Up That Gramophone Festival in Helsinki, Finland. Blowup is a well organised event known for its carefully crafted line-ups. Check it out.

[20.07.2022] Skepticism appearance at the Cernunnos Rock Fest has been cancelled due to unclarities on the festival organisation. It would have been great to get to perform with this line-up. Hopefully something similar appears soon. We are sorry for all the fans who were looking forward to this.

[01.07.2022] Skepticism will join Off Road Fest @Lutakko, Jyvaskyla Sep-16-17th.

[30.05.2022] New festival concert annoucements:
Brutal assault Czech
Cernunnos Rock Fest Italy.

[30.05.2022] Skepticism participation in Metal Over Russia 2022 cancelled.

[05.02.2022] Skepticism started co-operation with Dragon Productions concert agency.

[23.01.2022] Excellent feedback for the Companion album! For example:
The Rolling Stone Magazine top-10
Decibel Magazine top-40
Inferno Magazine 3rd best Finnish metal album

[09.01.2022] Cover story in the Inferno Magazine (Finnish only).

[05.09.2021] The second single "Swan and the Raven" available on Svart Records Youtube channel

[03.06.2021] The first single "Calla" availabe on Svart Records Youtube channel.

[03.06.2021] New Skepticism album Companion will be released on the 24th of September 2021 via Svart Records. Pre-order link

[05.12.2020] Recordings of the new Skepticism album is finished. Mixing & mastering will be done in December 2020. Album release date will be announced later.

[05.12.2020] Skepticism will join Metallihelvetti event in Turku on 5-6th of March 2021. Check out the event facebook page for more information.

[17.07.2020] Skepticism Metal Over Russia festival concert is postponed to 2021. Check out the festival website for more information.

[31.06.2020] Participation in Metal Over Russia 2020 is currently unclear due to COVID-19 lockdown situation. More information will be provided once there are updates available.

[08.07.2019] Two new concert event annouced! Darken The Moon XI / Belgium and Finnfest II / UK.

[13.04.2019] May 11th @Klubi/Tampere/Finland: Jess And The Ancient Ones, Skepticism, Musta Risti. Facebook event page. Setlist: Stromcrowfleet!

[13.04.2019] May 17th @Bar Loose/Helsinki/Finland: Sabbath Assembly (US) / Skepticism / Mansion. Facebook event page.

[25.08.2018] Check out the Stormcrowfleet remix announcement video on Youtube!

[18.08.2018] A documentary about the band released on Youtube.

[20.09.2017] Skepticism will perform a concert @Kuudes Linja/Helsinki November 4th 2017. More info on event facebook page

[05.12.2016] Skepticism will join Hellfest in France in June 2017.

[15.09.2016] Skepticism will perform a concert @Steelfest festival in Hyvinkaa/Finland on May 19-20th 2017.

[20.08.2016] Skepticism's debut visit to Italy @Romeobscura festival in Rome on November 26th 2016.

[09.08.2016] Skepticism's debut visit to France @Fall of Summer festival on September 3rd.

[14.05.2016] Skepticism will perform a concert at Blowup Vol 2 festival in Helsinki on mid-October 2016.

[16.12.2015] Poll for Skepticism fan picked set list for Roadburn 2016 available on festival website till Dec-31st.

[13.11.2015] Skepticism will be visiting Hammer of Doom festival in Germany on Nov-21st.

[14.08.2015] Opening track "You" of the forthcoming album Ordeal presented by Decibel Magazine: streaming-skepticism-you

[31.07.2015] Ordeal pre-order available via the following links 2LP+DVD and CD+DVD

[27.07.2015] Metal Hammer introduces a video of a song "The Departure" from our next album Ordeal. Enjoy!

[01.07.2015] Release date for the new album Ordeal is September 18th 2015! See full info via this link.

12th of June: A special chance to hear the new live album Ordeal before autumn's realease date. For details, see facebook event link.

[03.04.2015] A few new concert announcements: Ordeal concert (facebook event link) June-12th, Brutal Assault August-7th and Hell Over Hammaburg March 4-5th (2016)

[31.01.2015] A couple of new concerts announced. Dark Bombastic Evening August/2015/Romania and
Finnish Death Metal Maniac Fest September/2015/Finland.

[11.04.2014] New album "Ordeal" to be recorded live! See full announcement via this link.

[31.07.2014] Skepticism will perform a concert in US in May-2015. For more info, check out the festival website Maryland Deathfest.

[09.03.2014] Debut album Storcrowfleet has been added to Decibel Magazine's Hall of Fame! Magazine contains a detailed story about making the album.

[09.03.2014] Concerts in Copenhagen (May 3rd) and Moscow (May 18th). For more info, see Heavy Days in Doomtown and Moscow Doom Festival facebook page

[15.08.2013] Special concert in Estonia in September 28th. Event is organized in the ruins of the Padise Monastery. Skepticism is performing together with Thou Shell of Death (their album release concert) and Forgotten Sunrise. Check out the event website for more information.

[30.05.2013] Skepticism is composing music for the new album. Preliminary release target is by the end of 2014. Probably some live concerts will be played during 2013/2014.

[30.05.2013] Email addresses have been updated. From now on one email address can be used for all types of contact purposes. Address available on contact page.

[01.11.2011] Skepticism and Pantheist live in St. Giles in the fields church. London, UK, JAN-28th, 2012. For early access to the limited tickets of this special event please visit http://sermonsofmetal.bigcartel.com.

[01.10.2011] Skepticism in Spain and Portugal in early December. For more information visit the festival sites Madrid is the Dark and Bracara Extreme Fest (facebook).

[07.04.2011] Skepticism joins the "Psychedelic Funeral March" in S-osis/Turku/Finland on May 14th. PFM is a two-day festival providing experiences from psychedelic rock to funeral doom.

[07.04.2011] Skepticism, Garden of Worm, Astral Sleep and Rainroom in YO-Talo/Tampere/Finland on April 15th.

[24.02.2010] Skepticism joins the Firebox Metal Fest in Seinajoki on the first festival day on Friday the 23rd of April. Other bands: Ajattara, Alghazanth, Before the Dawn, Demonical, Ghost Brigade, In Mourning, Marduk, Pressure Point, Samael, Torture Killer. More info at www.fmf.fi.

[17.08.2009] Added a few new photos from 14. Brutal Assault festival (Jaromer/Czech). Photos are taken by Andreas Pozdena. See gallery.

[03.08.2009] Skepticism will perform concerts in Russia (Moscow, December 12th) and Ukraine (Kiev, December 13th) in late 2009. Events are presented by Sepulture Union.

[16.04.2009] One more a visit to Czech Republic. Skepticism will be join the Brutal Assault festival on August 2009.

[26.01.2009] Presale tickets available for upcoming (Feb 20-22) Skepticism & Esoteric concerts. For more information, visit to WCH's website.

[08.12.2008] Added a preliminary band list for Dooomstock event on May. See news and gigs page for details.

[18.11.2008] Skepticism will join the Dooomstock in Helsinki on the May-16th. Dooomstock is a two-day festival and Skepticism will be headlining the second festival day.

[14.11.2008] Exorcising the Funereal tour and Trauma 2008 Fest completed. A few pictures added to the gallery page. Next gigs will be performed with Esoteric (UK) in Finland.

[7.11.2008] Skepticism will play at Trauma 2008 in Madrid tomorrow on the 8th of Nov.

[23.10.2008] Alloy has been released! Skepticism will start "Exorcising the Funereal" tour this week.

[15.10.2008] Skepticism was visiting Domination radio show at Radio Noise. The first broadcast of the 2-hours program will take place on Thursday (tomorrow) at 18:00. The program contains general discussions, music selected by Skepticism and also a couple of brand new songs from the new album. (Finnish only).

[26.09.2008] Alloy preorder is now available from Recordshop X, Firebox in addition to RedStream.

[04.09.2008] Skepticism will return to Finnish venues in the end of the February 2009. Three gigs will be played with Esoteric (UK) in Jyväskylä, Helsinki and Turku. WCH presents this mini-tour.

[12.09.2008] Alloy preorder is now available from Recordshop X in addition to RedStream.

[04.09.2008] A sample song entitled "The Arrival" from the new album added to the VIRB, myspace and last.fm.

[01.09.2008] The "Exorcising the Funereal tour" will be extended with one more gig. Skepticism and Pantheist (and probably a third band) will play a gig in old church in Herenthout (Antwerp), Belgium! The date will be the 1st of Nov.

[28.08.2008] The new Skepticism album has been recorded, mixed and mastered. Mastered album and covers are on the way to pressing. Red Stream will release also this Skepticism album and the actual release date will be announced soon.

[09.08.2008] Recording session for the new album was finished yesterday. Mixing will be started after a short break and the new album will mixed and mastered before the end of August.

[28.07.2008] Skepticism will visit Vienna during the upcoming tour with Pantheist and OPHIS. The exact tour plan is almost ready and it will released on the website very soon.

[28.07.2008] Studio session for recording the new album will start in the beginnign of August. The goal is to finish the recordings and mixing during the August. Release date has not been decided yet.

[18.05.2008] - P R E S S S T A T E M E N T -

16-May 2008, for immediate release

First bands for this years Dutch Doom Days announced! The first few bands for the Dutch Doom Days 2008 are announced. Amongst others Worship, Skepticism and Pantheist will perform on this years festival. Previous editions made the festival one of the most important events in doom metal, the bill was a nice blend of both young talented bands as well as doom veterans.

This year the festival will take place on October 25th and 26th and will offer fifteen bands a stage. The first bands that are announced to perform on the Dutch Doom Days festival are Worship (Germany), Skepticism (Finland), Pantheist (UK), Fall Of The Idols (Finland) and Ophis (Germany). In the right Dutch Doom Day-tradition some new Dutch talent will be presented as well. In the following weeks more bands will be announced. Pim Blankenstein, founder and organiser for the first four editions: "The first names for the 7th annual Dutch Doom Days are of some high calibre bands. Every year we try to bring the best of the doom genre without repeating ourselves and giving the fans the chance to see bands perform and perhaps even discovering new acts. Expect an apocalyptic weekend in October!"

More info: DDD 2008

[13.05.2008] Skepticism will play live in Spain at Trauma 2008 Fest (November 8th). Check the festival's myspace for further information.

[13.05.2008] Unfortunately the Russian gigs planned for this June have been cancelled. The further possibilities will be discussed later

[06.04.2008] Live versions of Skepticism songs have been added to the last.fm website.

[04.03.2008] Skepticism is having preliminary discussions about playing gigs with Pantheist and OPHIS in the end of the October 2008. Possible venues are Germany, Belgium, Holland etc.

[04.03.2008] Skepticism is having preliminary discussions about playing gigs with Pantheist and OPHIS in the end of the October 2008. Possible venues are Germany, Belgium, Holland etc.

[23.02.2008] Skepticism is going to play live in Russia on June 2008. More information to be released later.

[21.01.2008] Skepticism Myspace website has been relased.

[17.01.2008] After a while Skepticism is finally going to provide some live performance. More info coming later.

[17.01.2008] New website has been relased. Also, contacts have been updated. For more information, see the contact page.

[17.01.2008] Official Skepticism VIRB website has been released.

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